About Us


Our mission is to eliminate the system that collects 30% to 40% commission on every service around the Sri Harmandir Sahib, whether it's getting a room in a hotel, eating at a restaurant, buying clothes or Punjabi juttis, or taking a taxi, auto-rickshaw or battery rickshaw to travel. We aim to put an end to the illegal occupation of the heritage route by unauthorized hawkers, beggars, or transgenders, and the system that forces child labor.


  • To spread a positive message about the pilgrimage to Sri Harmandir Sahib throughout the world.
  • To make Sri Harmandir Sahib pilgrimage a global icon and pilgrimage to Sri Harmandir Sahib throughout the world.
  • To provide better facilities to tourists visiting Sri Harmandir Sahib.
  • To make the pilgrimage to Sri Harmandir Sahib a comfortable experience.
  • To eliminate the commission agent system around Sri Harmandir Sahib and prevent tourists from being fraudulent.
  • To make Sri Harmandir Sahib pilgrimage popular around the world.
  • To make the pilgrimage to Sri Harmandir Sahib more comfortable for the visitors.

Reasons Why We start

During the past few months, a video of a room agent went viral on social media near Sri Harmandir Sahib, in which he was offering a sex worker to a traveler for room service. As a result, the hotels around Sri Harmandir Sahib and the entire city of Amritsar were defamed worldwide, even though only 2-4% of hotel owners and room agents engage in such activities. This caused great embarrassment to the entire Sikh community in front of the world.

Although Sikhs are a unique community, they have been known to protect the daughters and sisters of other religions from attacks and looting by invaders. To commemorate this spirit, a decision was made to establish a worldwide pilgrimage center and open traveler assistance centers to bring these visitors safely to their homes. However, the administration did not grant permission to open these centers. When we attempted to open assistance centers along the heritage route, our tents were destroyed and we were prevented from doing so.

Therefore, we have started this service through digital means and social media. We have established traveler assistance centers near Sri Harmandir Sahib to provide support to those who wish to visit.

Tourist Help Center has been started, but this mission cannot be completed without your support. I hope that we will receive your support, and the dream of making Sri Harmandir Sahib's pilgrimage a global icon, which the entire Sikh community is witnessing, will soon be fulfilled. Thank you

Amrinder Singh@AnilSingh

Global Awareness

To create global awareness of the pilgrimage to Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple).


To provide better facilities for the visitors who come to see Sri Harmandir Sahib!